Traveling with your dog

Probably the best way for your traveling companion to travel with you on vacation in the car, for several reasons. The first is that, unfortunately, unless it is small, it can not be by your side on the train or plane. We do not talk about the bus because they are only allowed in the luggage department if at all. But how to take them on holiday in complete safety? The data will surprise you. Protective services have produced a video that includes recommendations for everyone to arrive happily at our destination.
What do I do if my dog is big? You probably do not know what is the most convenient. You must combine the partitioning grid between the boot and the rear seat with the transporter positioned transversely to the direction of travel.

Is not the separating grid enough? It is true that the animal can move freely inside the trunk, but, as published by the DGC based on frontal crash tests at 50 kilometers per hour the impact is huge.

Can you travel loose? Never, say some people. Any braking or sudden movement can damage or distract us and make it difficult to drive, according to some people, which states that the animal can climb on top of the driver or affect the mechanical systems. The worst possible scenario is the dog lying on the back tray, behind the driver, says the DGC. In case of an accident, the animal would be fired against the chauffeur’s headrest. Your dog and you would suffer very serious injuries. One fix for this is to use a dog crate made for cars like the Petnation Port a crate.

Overall you must take great care when traveling with your canine. Take care of them and they will take care of you.