Dating Tips for a First Date

dateThe moment of the “face to face” meeting with that man or woman with whom you have come to know you virtually arrived. It is logical that you arrive with expectations: most women make eternal consultations with their friends to know what they wear, how they comb their hair and where they go on a date. Many men feel insecure in relation to what image to give. What I have come to tell you is simple but effective: I want to offer you some tips so that the first impression you leave is glorious. Do you know how it is achieved? Being as you are!

If he or she is going to remember you and want to see you again, it will be because of what differentiates you from others. Your particular way of talking, laughing and living life. These are some secrets so that you shine in the first encounter:

  • Be true to your tastes. Do not go to a bar if you do not like bars; I proposed a place that identifies you.
  • Do not pretend a character. The performances are very good in the theater or on TV. In real life, you want to run into a being of flesh and blood, feel, think, have contradictions. Show your essence.
  • Avoid complaint, lament, and victimization. This does not mean that you do not talk about your problems; just do not make them the focus of the conversation.
  • Make humor your weapon of seduction. Nobody resists a person who knows how to laugh at himself.
  • Do not lie, do not build strategies, be clear and transparent.
  • Do not try to please the other all the time.

And remember: the most beautiful thing you have is yourself. So be you and become unforgettable for that special person you’re meeting.