What Does the Government Require With Foreign Marriage?

happy marriageYou have met the love of your life outside your home country. You have fallen in love with someone who does not have your nationality. Stories between couples of different nationalities are more and more common. However, they can pose some administrative problems.

It is easier to get married between people of the same nationality. However, marriage with a stranger is of course not impossible. You just need to learn and make the necessary steps before your ceremony so that your marriage is validated by law.

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Marriage between a local and a foreigner

As in the case of a marriage between two persons of the same nationality, the foreign spouse must not be already married to be able to unite with another person. If he is widowed or divorced, he will have to provide the necessary documentation proving this status.

The marriage, of course, must be the object of a mutual desire of the future spouses. It must not be a white marriage or obtained under the influence of violence. The registrar in charge of the validation of the marriage record may interview the couple, together or separately, if he has any doubt about it.

Be aware however that no proof will be asked about the regularity of the situation of a foreign national in their country at the time of getting married. If the foreign spouse is in an irregular situation, the marriage does not protect them from an expulsion order or a deportation at the border.

Administrative documents to provide

marriage certificateWe have mentioned before the documents to provide to build his marriage record. In addition to the mandatory documents, the foreign spouse must also bring a birth certificate (original and translation to an approved organization) dating back less than 6 months.

He will also have to provide a certificate of matrimonial capacity or certificate of custom to prove that he is of age and single and has not been placed under guardianship. It is the country of origin that will provide this document to the person wishing to get married.

Consequences of marriage between different nationalities

If your spouse is a foreign national in a regular situation, he/she will be able to benefit after your marriage from a one-year residence permit in many countries. This will enable them to exercise a professional activity. After 3 years of marriage, your spouse will obtain a 10-year resident card if he or she requests it. After 4 years of marriage, he can even apply for nationality sometimes. To carry out this step, it will be enough for them to go to the prefecture of his place of residence.

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